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This site is under construction; we have been on-line since the 31st of January, developing the site day by day. If you are interested, you may send an e-mail in English to: info@IchthusCamp.Com. For a first impression of the site, please select "Nederlands" at the bottom of this page (under the Dutch flag). You will find already a lot of photographs of the IchthusCamp destinations. Later of course you will find translation of the Dutch text in English - for IchthusCamp stands for 'Uniting Christians on Holiday'. Whether you are a christian from the UK, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, CIS or Europe, you are welcome on our holiday exchange programs for practicing christians. IchthusCamp = Meeting other christians on holiday. IchthusCamp = Travelling with a destination. Interested? Send an email to info@IchthusCamp.Com. Please select "Nederlands" at the bottom of this page (under the Dutch flag) if you want to have a first (photographic) impression of our destinations and of our site:


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